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Actress Katherine Castro gears up for the LA premiere of her latest film: Pulse of the Indigo

Katherine Castro is gearing up for the special advanced screening of her latest film, Pulse of the Indigo on Friday, July 20, 2012. The official LA premiere is being held on Saturday, July 21, 2012 and will be making its international premiere on August 1, 2012 in the Dominican Republic at the Caribbean Cinemas, Fine Arts Novo-Centro in Santo Domingo.

Pulse of the Indigo explores two crime families at war; with a thrilling twist they soon realize they are not the only ones capable of murder. Playing Isabella, Katherine Castro is a stripper working to get her poetry published. Estranged from her crime-focused father, Isabella hates him for getting her mother killed when she was just a little girl. Tragedy strikes when Isabella’s grandparents are killed by the Russian mafia, bringing her and her father back together.

Upcoming Katherine is playing Lola, the damaged beauty, in ‘Stripped’, a seven episode web series; the episodes will be subsequently edited into a standalone short film. Filming in August and launching this fall; ‘Stripped’ is the story of an armed robbery at a strip club going terribly wrong. The bouncer who is also the jobs inside man has a change of heart, leading him to turn against his fellow thieves in hopes of saving the life of an innocent stripper.

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