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Energy Saving Tips for the Home

by Toronto real estate expert Mitch Parker

Here in Canada, we have a pretty extreme climate to say the least. Some days you can watch the temperature plunge below -30 degrees and then there are days like today where it’s almost 40 degrees. With the large temperature fluctuations also comes large energy bills. In the last number of years, costs to heat and cool a home have risen substantially.

Products such as solar panels and green roofs help to dramatically decrease these costs but carry a hefty price tag up front. This means that if you want to make your money back you’ll have to stay in the home for number of years before breaking out of the red and into the black. Saving energy doesn’t have to come at a large expense. By going a little green in a few different ways around the home, we can keep a little more green in our wallets. Here are a few energy saving tips for the home to help get you started:

  • In the summer, keep your blinds closed during the day when you aren’t home. This will keep a lot of the sun’s heat outside your door and keep your place cooler thus making the air conditioner work less. In winter, you can do the opposite and leave the curtains open during the day. The sun will help naturally heat the home.

Tip: Keeping the shades closed in the summer will also prevent the sun from fading your hardwood floors and fabric furniture.

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