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Tips For Building a Deck


Deck Out Your Backyard This Season

With winter finally over and the weather becoming nicer with each day, Canadians like to get outside and make the most of the sunshine.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a yard, you may be considering building a deck this season.  Here are a few tips for building a deck, and some things to consider for the project:

1. Plan first, then build.

Decide exactly what style of deck you want to install and make sure it’s going to work for your space. How many levels will it have, are you going to install a gazebo, hot tub, pergola, where do you want the stairs to be, etc.

Planning the project first helps prevent potential mistakes or problems down the road. Ask a professional for their opinion on your plan. Doing this every day, they know what works and doesn’t and can offer ideas you may not have thought about.  Also, make sure to find out if you need a building permit in your area before you start construction to avoid potential fines / having to remove what you built.

2. Cedar or Pressure treated

Pressure treated is substantially cheaper than cedar but doesn’t last as long or look quite as nice.  If you go pressure treated, let the wood completely dry for at least a few months before applying a stain or water repellant.

Tip: if you want the look of cedar but are on a budget, try framing the deck with pressure treated wood and then capping it with cedar and using cedar deck boards.  It gives it the cedar look but with some cost savings in the areas that you won’t be able to see.

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