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Time to Think About Weed Control

Is mid-March too early to think about weed control?

Absolutely not. In fact, March is exactly when you should be focusing on giving your lawn a bit of an edge in dealing with those pesky dandelions and other invaders.

If dandelions are your main issue throughout the summer, take heart. The things you need to get an edge are generally good advice for most weeds, including clover, plantain, and crab grass.

Unfortunately, crab grass requires a much more aggressive strategy, but we’ll come to that later in the season, once you’ve identified those patches.

For most weeds, you need to do two things: keep your grass competitive, and be prepared to dig. Digging means getting out there and buying a weed puller. These tools are simple to use, but extremely effective. A spade or trowel will work too, but you may find these just take too much work if you have a big lawn. A weeding tool is the perfect solution for dealing with broad-leaved weeds like dandelions and thistles. You might not be experiencing weeds just yet, but the pre-season sales at your home and garden centre make this the perfect time to get out and buy one.

By contrast, clover, like crab grass, may need a more aggressive plan involving digging out whole patches of lawn. But don’t despair just yet. Clover can actually help you identify another serious issue in your lawn: low nitrogen…[read more]


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