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Aspartame Rebranded as AminoSweet for Better PR

“AminoSweet” almost sounds healthy

The makers of Aspartame, who are also responsible for the reprehensible existence of MSG, are rebranding the sugar substitute in an attempt to improve its profile.

Ajinomoto, the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food additive manufacturer responsible for Aspartame, has chosen to call the much-maligned product “AminoSweet.” Marketed under popular brand names such as NutraSweet, Equal, and Candarel, Aspartame has become a staple in the calorie-conscious end of world dieting circles.

But can this move to a prettier name really do the trick for Aspartame? The chemical additive, while certainly a zero-calorie alternative to sugar, has been revealed in recent years to be associated with a host of illnesses. While it contains methanol–a deadly poison in its own right–it’s what that methanol turns into in the body that causes the most concern.

Methanol, when digested, becomes formaldehyde, and although there may be jokes aplenty regarding “preservation,” formaldehyde in the body is no laughing matter. It has been shown to be a highly potent cancer-causing agent, and can cause birth defects. On top of all this, Aspartame has been linked to neurological disorders, behaviour disorders, and has even been shown to cause the effects of diabetes to worsen over time…[read more]


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